How can we help you tell your stories?

At Cloth Cat, we have strong and multi-skilled core team able to turn their hand to all styles and mediums, which is evident in our diverse development and production work. We are expert problem solvers, always looking for solutions for creative and technical challenges.

We’ve been involved with projects at all stages of production. For Luo Bao Bei, we were responsible for everything from initial development, through to script, designs, animation, and then online delivery to 9 Story and Magic Mall in China. For Shane the Chef, we collaborated with producers Hoho Entertainment to take the approved scripts and designs into 3D and do final deliveries to Milkshake. With other series, we’ve been in charge of preproduction and editing, or providing the core animation services. Whatever the necessary financial structure of the project, we can fit in to a workflow and communicate across the globe. Our studio is flexible and crew numbers can expand and contract depending on the current jobs required.

Our software agnostic approach to production means we use the best tool for the job. Whether it is pushing the boundaries of 2D or producing a top quality CG animated series, we don’t shy away from sticking to the one method or style. Our core tools are CelAction, Blender and Unity, and we are experienced in the use of ToonBoomAdobe AnimateUnreal, TVPaintMayaSubstance, Modo and After Effects. Underlying all of this, our production management uses Ynput’s Ayon open source platform with ftrack for shot management. We are now a fully cloud based studio with high end custom workstations for our Cardiff-based crew and multi-site storage to ensure security of data. Our Deadline render farm is designed to handle all the animation software we use and renders are automatically uploaded back to ftrack for everyone to review at full resolution.

As part of our continuing investment in technology and workflows, in 2021 we were delighted to be the recipient of an Epic Megagrant to continue our exploration of real-time rendering with Unreal. We successfully completed this development and our pipeline tools are now the basis of the Unreal integration in Ayon.

In 2019 and 2021, Cloth Cat were successful recipients of R&D funding from Clwstwr, a South Wales initiative to bring funding to creative industries for new technology ideas and solutions within production. Our first project was the initial investigation of game engine rendering and the potential for real-time animation tools. The second project was an offshoot looking at using Blender for 2D animation and whether a 3D rendering tool could be used for cut-out animation. Both projects were successful and resulted in new avenues for Cloth Cat, including creating new processes for 2D animation.