Why We Like Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most significant creative cities in the UK, a centre for writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, performers and animators, and an environment bursting with opportunities and resources where talent can really thrive. At Cloth Cat Animation, located a few minutes from Cardiff city centre, we know this first-hand!


Situated in South Wales, Cardiff is the UK’s largest media centre outside of London (and less than two and a half hours from London too). The Welsh capital is home to huge film and television developments such as Pinewood Studios and BBC Drama Village (current producers of Doctor Who, Casualty and Wizards Vs. Aliens), and the area also has a rich animation history, including classics like ‘SuperTed’ and ‘Fireman Sam’ and modern series like ‘Rastamouse’ and ‘Grandpa in my Pocket’.



When it comes to leisure time, Cardiff’s got it going on. As well as its many busy theatres and multiplex cinemas within walking distance of each other, the prestigious Wales Millennium Centre boasts blockbuster West End musicals, and the Chapter Arts Centre provides a dynamic space for new art, performance and film (and it has a great bar too).

The city offers an abundance of great restaurants and night-life, and also exciting annual events like Comic Con, Cardiff Independent Film Festival and Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival, for those who like to indulge their cultural side.

Cardiff is a lush place to live, with its expansive green parks, historic castle, Victorian arcades and cosmopolitan waterfront at Cardiff Bay – all easily connected by train. With all this, plus the ever-expanding creative and cultural scene, it’s easy to see why talented people in the media and arts are attracted to Cardiff.

Together with sister company Bait Studio, Cloth Cat Animation is continually developing and producing exciting new projects in-house, with our work featured on CBeebies, Disney, PBS, S4C and RTE. There’s certainly a lot of creativity happening under our roof.

Here at Cloth Cat, we are a happy, friendly, creative community, always keen to welcome new recruits to our studio and our city. We have a hard-working creative environment, but we like to continue having fun as a team outside the studio too, whether it’s exploring the local eateries, going white-water rafting in the Bay, cycling to and from work together or meeting up for a well-earned drink in the city centre. Cardiff is our home and we love it – but don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself.


15 July 2015