Toot! Let’s go!



We are very excited to announce that Cloth Cat Animation will be producing the new animated series ‘Toot’ with Lupus Films for broadcast on Channel 5’s Milkshake later this year!

Adapted from the book ‘Toot and Pop’ by Sebastien Braun, the series follows the aquatic adventures of Toot, an eager and energetic tug in his first year of service in the busy waters of the Harbour. ‘Toot the Tiny Tugboat’ runs at a zippy pace, with an emphasis on slapstick fun and high adventure. The series focuses on all things nautical, the stories take their cues from situations that the audience can relate to.

Ruth Fielding, the producer for Lupus Films, says:

“We’re sure the humour and excitement in Toot the Tiny Tugboat will capture the imagination of the Milkshake! audience and we can’t wait to set sail with the series.”

24 February 2014