Team Toot

We’re very proud to present… Team Toot!

Pictured here is the Cloth Cat and Thud Media Toot the Tiny Tugboat crew, representing animation, development, layout, rigging, production, post-production and interactive.


Just behind us is our studio in the GloWorks building. Being located in the heart of Cardiff Bay provides a fittingly nautical setting for us working on Toot – and it also means the cast from the Harbour can sail in for the occasional visit (as above!)

With production on Toot the Tiny Tugboat on schedule and running smoothly, everyone is working hard and the show is looking great. The series is performing really well on its channels, including its new slot on Cartoonito, and with Thud Media’s new app ‘Toot’s Harbour’ coming out very soon, there’s lots of exciting Toot news yet to come.

We’re really proud of everything that Team Toot has achieved – and they’re a fantastic bunch of creatives to work with.


24 March 2015