Studio Art Challenge – GAME OF THRONES

Winter is here… and so is our latest Cloth Cat art challenge! This month’s theme was GAME OF THRONES, and the artwork from our studio team was epic. 

Released as a countdown to Season 7, our entries took us from Old Valyria to Beyond the Wall (and everywhere in between), with legendary characters like Danaerys Taragaryen, Tyrion Lannister and The Hound being interpreted in unique and awesome ways by our artists. 

See all the entries again below, and find them alongside our previous studio art challenges on the Cloth Cat Pinterest, the Cloth Cat Tumblr and the #ArtOfClothCat hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy the art – and the rest of Season 7!

(Disclaimer: a fun collection of fan art from our crew who have a passion for the series – not commercial).

24 July 2017