Tom the Lion

5 Welsh and English language books, with audio read-along copies on Youtube.

The ‘Tom the Lion’ series of books for children promotes literacy, wellbeing and mental health, following the Five Ways to Wellbeing model. Tom, along with his squirrel friends Hazel and Sid, explore ideas around wellbeing, focusing on Connecting, Learning, Being Active, Taking Notice and Giving.

Cloth Cat were approached by Raven Technologies in 2021 to help them animate a character for their neurodiversity app to help children take control of their breathing and learn to be calm. The character proved incredibly popular so we joined forces to create a book series to expand his friendship group and illustrate stories based around the five ways of being.

Cloth Cat’s Tom Lucas, who designed the original character, used rigged characters to create the illustrations, reducing the production time but also allowing all the assets to be available for potential later animation. The five books were published by Y Lolfa and are now available either directly from the publisher, in schools and shops across Wales and the UK and on Amazon.

You can also visit the Tom the Lion website to listen to the audio books and watch the read along videos with English and Welsh dialogue and subtitles.

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