Shane the Chef

52 x 11 minutes

CG animated preschool series, Shane the Chef, is a co-production between Hoho Entertainment and Cloth Cat Animation, and is already available on Channel 5’s Milkshake! The series follows the foody adventures of an energetic chef, Shane, and his young daughter Izzy as they run a restaurant in the town of Munchington. Shane is voiced by Russell Tovey.

Fully animated in Maya and rendered in Redshift, the series was designed to mimic the warm style of stop motion animation. To complete the series, Cloth Cat developed a whole new pipeline and invested in GPU rendering to bring a high quality finish to the lighting and effects.

Episodes are now available to watch on Channel 5 catch up My5 here and on Youtube.  Shane also has his own book available to purchase via Amazon.

Produced by

Hoho Entertainment, Cloth Cat Animation

Aired on

Channel 5 Milkshake