Ha Ha Hairies

Ha Ha Hairies is a BAFTA Cymru-winning and twice Children’s BAFTA nominated mixed media preschool series created and written by Mellie Buse and Jan Page at Adastra Creative. A total of 52 x 11min episodes were simultaneously transmitted in 2012 on the Cartoonito Channel EMEA and S4C (as ‘Bla Bla Blewog’). Cloth Cat produced all the animation and visual effects shots which topped three thousand across the series. The live action was shot at Enfys Studios in Cardiff.

You can see all the episodes on Bogglesox TV!

Ha Ha Hairies is set in the fantasy world of Hairyland, where everything is hairy! The Hairies family live in a hairy house, have a hairy garden and drive their hairy car (the Flufferpufferpoop) trying to avoid the mean Shampoo Factory owner Boris Boo Hoo.

The series is about seeing the funny side of things, and having a positive attitude to life. It shows us that being lazy, jealous, mean or greedy doesn’t get you anywhere and it certainly will never make you happy. It is narrated by two CG animated characters Wiggy and Kwiff, who introduce each episode and then travel around in their Flufferpufferpoof, singing songs and playing music whilst the mayhem unravels around them.

Ha Ha Hairies was produced with investment from Finance Wales and support from the Welsh Assembly Government.