Boj is a 52×11 pre-school series about a creative, adventurous, problem solving young bilby (a rare Australian marsupial) which first aired on CBeebies in May 2014. The production took place across three different studios, each in a different country. Pesky Productions in Lewes, Cloth Cat in Cardiff and Kavaleer Productions in Dublin teamed up to produce the series which debuted on CBeebies, S4C, ABC Australia, as well as several other broadcasters around the world!

You can watch all the Boj episodes on his own Youtube channel!

In each episode, Boj comes to the rescue with one of his ‘Boj-ed’ solutions to a problem that have arisen amongst his friends and family. Boj’s friends Denzil, Rupa, Mia and Gavin are always in awe of his wonderful inventions as he helps out the people of Giggly Park.

Animated in CelAction but also utilising a host of other software it all comes together in a fast paced and colourful adventure show full of discovery and resourceful problem solving. Featuring the voices of Jason Donovan, Josie Taylor and Dave Benson Philips, there is always time for a Boj-a-Boom and a song too!

Cloth Cat’s designed the official Boj website and ‘Can’t Catch Boj’ web game and you can download ‘Boj Digs’ on the iTunes App Store.