BBC Bitesize: Citizenship

9 short animation films in both Welsh and English on the subject of Citizenship which is core to the Welsh Curriculum.

Cloth Cat were delighted to be chosen to collaborate with BBC Wales Education to produce nine short films on the subject of Citizenship. We pitched to make each film a narrative discussion on the issues with three characters, Lina, Rhys and Efa, dramatising the topics in the Welsh town where they live. The English films are here and the Welsh films are here, along with lots of accompanying information and games. Four of the films are now available on the BBC website and the remainder will be released later this year.

This series also marks our first fully Blender project, which we also completed using Ynput’s Ayon to handle shot management. We utilised Blender’s Cycles renderer in GPU mode to process all the frames that used our office workstations instead of a large renderfarm as part of our push for more sustainable production.

Most animation is done in a primary language and then post-dubbed, but for these films we treated Welsh and English equally and wrote the scripts so that the syllables for each lined matched as closely as possible. This meant we could record both scripts with the same cast at the same time and then lipsync once to produce the final animation for both languages. Some post work was required to match the length of the Welsh dialogue to English, but it worked! We’re really happy with the results.


Director: Jon Rennie
Design: Tom Lucas
CG Build: Kim McCarthy
CG Rigging: Josh Doyle
Layout: Josh Doyle, Aled Matthews
Animation: Sehyun Cho, Aneurin Vaughan, Tom Lucas
Production Management: Chris Wight, Anat Dolev
Editor: Kadesha Drija, Jon Rennie

For BBC Wales: Nia Davies, Robin Hughes, Anwen Jones – and the BBC Wales Education team.
Educational Consultant: Nicky Hagendyk

Writers: Manon Eames, Anna-Lisa Jenaer
Additional writing: Aled Richards, Aled Powys Williams
Voice Director: Mererid Wigley
Voice Casting: Siwan Jobbins

Lina: Loti Delve
Rhys: Cadog Roberts-Pickrell
Efa: Mali Grooms
Adult Voices: Geraint Pickard, Llinos Turner

Produced by

Cloth Cat, BBC Wales Education

Aired on

BBC Bitesize