Tamara’s Family Tree

3D Animation/Unreal/Blender: Half way through their nautical world tour, the Williams family find themselves stranded on an island at the base of an enormous World Tree. Branches weave and twist around each other and it’s so big that you can’t see where it ends, with the top hidden amongst the clouds. Unable to fix their boat, the family makes the tree their home and Tamara has to find new friends with the strange creatures who inhabit it.

A child of the world, but with no land to call home, Tamara has always lived on the boat, which means she could sail away from situations that didn’t work to her advantage. Living on the tree allows her to confront her own behaviour and grow to be a better person. This is a series about learning how to be happy with yourself and not run away from your problems. These are the lessons that no one really teaches you, the lessons where mistakes are just a part of the journey, and about a tree that stretches on forever.

Tamara’s Family Tree is a 40x11min series and mobile/Switch game using Cloth Cat’s brand new Unreal game engine and Blender animation software pipeline, that was first created as part of a Clwstwr development project. Since then Cloth Cat has been awarded an Epic Megagrant to bridge the gap between games and animation, and bring Tamara’s world to life.