3D Animation/Unreal Engine:

Cloth Cat and Flying Ship Studio based in Japan have formed a partnership to bring to life Chiruta! Created by Masanori Numaguchi and produced by Emmy Ozawa, the series is about a woodland gnome and trainee forest guardian who has to learn that her first ideas aren’t always the best!

Joining the team is Head Writer Adam Redfern (Go Jetters!) who has written our two pilot scripts.

Deep in the forest, hidden from prying eyes, is an amazing secret place: Mossy Village is a bustling community of tiny wood-carved gnomes! With the help of Granny Chanlula, young Chiruta is learning how to care for the forest and her friends and keep everything hidden from the clomping boots of those pesky humans.

Currently in development, the series will make use of Cloth Cat’s new and innovative Unreal Engine workflow to bring the realistic world of Chiruta to life.